Black and white photography has been part of Sebastião’s life since his youth. That’s when, squatting the family’s bathroom, he learned the art of developing and printing. Since then, the camera is a lifetime companion, always at hand when the light calls.

More than a hobby, photography is for him the chosen medium to register impressions and feelings, a sort of “visual log-book”.

It took him some years - “a journey through the desert”, as he calls it - to adapt to digital and master again black and white photography.

Sebastião lives near Sagres in southwestern Portugal, where he works as a skipper of Dolphin-watching boats and as a hiking guide along its rugged coastline. 

The sea has molded his life and is definetly the main subject in his pictures.

Current exhibition:

«Mar Oceano» - EMARP, Portimão - 13.02 | 17.03.2017

Past exhibitions:

«Mar Oceano» - Vila do Bispo - 2016

«Mar Oceano» - Old Townhall, Lagos - 2015

Collective - Real Compromisso Marítimo, Ferragudo - 2015

«Mar Oceano» - Museu da Terra e do Mar, Carrapateira - 2015

«Mar Oceano» - Espaço + , Aljezur - 2015

«Mar Oceano» - Museum of Portimão, 2014

«Lagos: marítimos e marinhas» - Lagos Cultural Center, 2007

«Orla costeira de Vila do Bispo» - Vila do Bispo, Faro, Aljezur, Portimão, 2001|2004

«Flora algarvia» - São Brás de Alportel, Silves, Lagos, Sagres, 1995|1997